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Great Drives in Europe: Route Napoléon

Route Napoléon, Alpes Maritimes, France
Connects Grasse (just inland from Cannes, at the southern end of the route) with Grenoble, about 150 km (just over 60 miles) to the north-east.

This road follows the route taken by Napoléon I (Napoléon Bonaparte) in 1815, and passes through some wonderful scenery.

It’s probably best driven starting from the south, and it’s not all about height… By contrast with other steep, high mountain passes included in this survey, the Route Napoléon incorporates much faster, lower sections, with sweeping, cambered bends and more gradual ascents and descents.

This makes for an enjoyable smooth drive that can be enjoyed by all occupants of the vehicle.


A delightful road to drive, and widely acknowledged to be less challenging for the vehicle and driver than most of the higher passes.

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