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Fun apps for chauffeur drivers

Chauffeur drivers, time for some fun……..

You probably know already that your Smartphone can help get you where you need to be safe and sound and ahead of time.
However, as a Chauffeur driver you can spend time in your vehicle waiting for your passenger(s).
So why not let your Smartphone help fill this time and keep you entertained?
We asked our Chauffeur Insurance team to tell us what apps keep them occupied on their Smartphones…….outside of working hours of course.
Kieran Hull – Chauffeur Team Leader
Kieran has opted for Clash of Clans.
Chauffeur fun apps Clash of Clans
This is a free online strategy game in which you build up a clan of warriors. The aim of the game is to defend your own clan, and join forces with other game users to attack other clans. There are also amazing games like USA Online Casinos At EasyMobileCasino. Kieran has said he is lacking on support and would welcome any Chauffeur Drivers wishing to join his clan!
Rio McLaughlin – Chauffeur Sales Specialist
Rio uses Instagram to pass the time.
Chauffeur fun apps Instagram
This is a social media app that allows you to share your photos and short videos with friends and family. They can then reply and comment on your post.
There is also the option to share these with the rest of the Instagram community. People using the app can all view and comment on your post.
This tool can be used for posting images of certain topics and events. So as a chauffeur driver you could look up other chauffeur drivers, chauffeur vehicles, or chauffeur related news and events.
Christopher Bol – Chauffeur Driver Insurance Specialist

Chris is currently addicted to ‘Crossy Road’
Chauffeur fun apps Crossey Road
For those that remember ‘Frogger’; it is a modern day take on that classic but with a choice of multiple characters. The aim of this game is to get the character – or chicken in Chris’s case – across the road whilst avoiding the cars!
Chris claims it’s a very simple, but addictive game. He claims his current highest score is 116. So chauffeur drivers if you think you can do better, why not give it a go?
Anna Faratro – Chauffeur Sales Specialist
Anna’s favourite app on her phone is Whatsapp.
Chauffeur fun apps Whattsapp
This is a messaging app that does a bit more than your standard text message. She says it’s very useful to keep in touch with her two sons – and great if she is out of the country.
It means that if she can find WiFi, she can still communicate with people back in the UK. And she can do this without having to pay her network provider.

Spread the word chauffeur drivers …

So to all those Chauffeur drivers reading, we hope that these app suggestions make the time you may spend waiting in your Chauffeur car more entertaining.
If you’ve any other apps that you’d like to suggest why not share them with our online community of Chauffeur Drivers?
By spreading the word you could help to your fellow Chauffeur drivers pass the time in their Chauffeur vehicles in a far more fun way.