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Driving in Europe after Brexit: What You Need to Know

Following the planned UK’s exit from the European Union (EU), there will be changes made to the regulations allowing drivers to take their vehicles across Europe. Going forward, anyone wanting to drive there will need a Green Card.

All UK Motor insurance providers will continue to provide the legal minimum cover for travel within Europe, without the need to purchase an additional policy. However, some might not automatically extend fully comprehensive cover for travel abroad. Typically, you may not be covered for theft or damage abroad. Please ensure that you read your policy documents carefully and contact us if you have any questions.

What is a Green Card?

A Motor Insurance Green Card is an international insurance certificate which proves that your vehicle is insured. You will need to carry your Green Card with you whenever you are driving your vehicle anywhere in the European Economic Area (EEA) and other countries like Andorra and Switzerland.

Why do you need a Green Card?

After Brexit, you will need to carry a physical Green Card to prove that you are sufficiently insured to drive in the EU and EEA. Failing to carry a Green Card when it is required means that you will not be able to drive legally in the EU, and could be accused of driving without insurance. You could get fined, be prosecuted and have your vehicle seized.

How can you get a Green Card?

If you plan to drive in the EU, we suggest that you contact us beforehand, ideally giving us at least one month’s notice. We can contact your insurance company and make sure you receive your Green Card in time for your trip. You may need to pay a small fee.

Please note that the Green Card document must cover a period of 15 days minimum. If your policy is due to expire less than 15 days after the date of travel, you will have to confirm your renewal before you leave – and that even if your trip is shorter than 15 days.

For any Green Card requests or questions, please call us on 0333 003 0611 or email

What if my policy renewal falls while I am travelling abroad?

If you are going over more than one policy (for example, if your insurance policy renews while you are abroad), you will need two Green Cards – one for each policy.

Do I need additional documents if I have a multi-car policy or if I am towing a caravan or trailer?

You will need multiple Green Cards if you are towing a caravan or trailer, or if your motor insurance covers more than one vehicle (fleet or multi-car policy). This is because a Green Card is required to cover the registration number of each individual vehicle, even if they are insured under one policy.

What other documents do you need?

In addition to a Green Card, you will also need to carry your UK Driving Licence whenever you are driving and should take your vehicle’s V5C certificate if you have one. Depending on which country you are driving in, you may also need further International Driving Documents (IDPs). For more information on IDPs, please visit: Your vehicle should also have a GB sticker on the back, regardless of whether it has a UK number plate or not.

Commercial trailers over 750kg gross weight and all trailers over 3,500kg gross weight must be registered for travel in some European countries. For more information, please visit:

Some of the above information is subject to change depending on the agreement reached for Brexit. If you are planning to travel within Europe after the 31st October, please contact us as soon as possible so we can arrange your Green Card with your insurer.

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