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Distracted Driving Prevention for Commercial Fleets Toolkit

Driver and public safety are high priorities for many commercial fleets, and organisations go to tremendous lengths to avoid costly and potentially fatal incidents.

While a variety of circumstances might contribute to a collision (for example, intoxicated driving, poor road conditions, and inclement weather), distracted driving is a common, preventable cause of accidents. According to Department for Transport (DFT) data, distracted or impaired driving led to 17% of all car accidents in the United Kingdom in 2020.

Check out the Distracted Driving Prevention for Commercial Fleets Toolkit for more information, and our top 12 tips below!

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12 Tips Drivers Can Use to Stay Safe on the Road

Drivers who look away from the road for whatever reason, even for a split second, endanger their own and others’ safety. Even the most professional drivers can become distracted from time to time, so keep the following ideas in mind while you’re driving to stay safe…

  1. Maintain your knowledge of the dangers and repercussions of distracted driving. Attend any refresher courses offered by your workplace.
  2. While driving, do not text, dial a phone, or use any dispatching devices.
  3. Distracting behaviours like as feeding, grooming, and reaching for objects should be avoided.
  4. Reduce distractions by planning your route, programming your GPS, adjusting your mirrors, and tuning your radio before you go on the road.
  5. Organize your vehicle’s cabin such that personal goods you may require during a long trip are easily accessible.
  6. When driving, avoid multitasking. Pull over ahead of time if you need to make a phone call or answer to a text message. Even using a hands-free device is risky and can cause cognitive distraction.
  7. Turn off mobile phones and other devices and store them in a safe place to eliminate the desire to use them.
  8. Before getting behind the wheel, make sure you’re rested. When you drive tired, you are more likely to become distracted and cause an accident.
  9. Keep your eyes on the road and don’t allow anything distract you. Actively scan the road while driving, using your mirrors to keep an eye out for other vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists.
  10. Plan your meals ahead of time and avoid eating while driving.
  11. Before you drive, perform personal grooming duties such as cleaning your teeth or combing your hair.
  12. Employer-mandated rules specified in distracted driving programmes and similar policies should be followed.

For more guidance on tackling the significant threat of distracted driving please check out our toolkit below…

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