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Diesel vs LPG vs Electric

Diesel vs LPG vs Electric

Posted by Pamela Eve on May 17, 2018.

ULEZ is upon us. Is going electric the way to go for cab drivers? We weigh up the options in a handy infographic.

We’ve considered a case study of one particular, anonymous driver. He wants to compare the costs of his current TX4 with an electric eTX, a Gas Conversion and leasing / owning options available at the time of writing. See full article here for details.

Diesel vs LPG vs Electric - infographic

For full sources, figures and details behind the infographic, Diesel vs LPG vs Electric, please see the full article here.

Meet the Author Pamela Eve

Joining the team in 2015, Pamela quickly found joy in branding all things Plan. With a background in photography and art, she now resides designing Plan's marketing materials, writing the odd blog and drinking a lot of tea.

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