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Chauffeur Driver by Royal Appointment

Chauffeur driver to the Queen –

could you cope with the pressure?

The Royal Household requires a chauffeur driver with a “strong attention to detail” who be “committed to maintaining high standards.” As well as Her Majesty any chauffeur driver with sufficient confidence will also be required to drive other members of the Royal Family, Household officials, guests and official visitors.
With the Royal Household having attended over 4,000 engagements in 2014 the successful applicant will have their work cut out. If they need to arrange chauffeur insurance the successful applicant will know where to come. However we thought we’d examine the additional requirements of the role as well as the rewards on offer.
The chauffeur industry prides itself on providing a professional service. This role may be the pinnacle of the profession. In addition to getting behind the wheel the chosen chauffeur driver will ensure all vehicles are well maintained. With a fleet of Bentleys at their disposal this shouldn’t be too much of a hardship for a chauffeur car enthusiast. Although it might not be too much fun if the Royal corgis prove to be nervous passengers.
If interested you’ll also need to be able to, “Plan efficient routes in order to meet arrival times, whilst remaining calm under pressure.”
Presumably the Queen won’t be too keen on waiting for the Sat Nav to locate a satellite. However the salary might not quite reflect the gravitas and demands of the role. At up to 24k for a 48 hour week the hourly wage dips under £10/hour but at least meals will be provided. And you would expect that anything served at the Royal Mews will be of a high standard.
We cannot argue with the job description’s claim that it will offer a, “Unique and stimulating work environment” and the hourly wage is supplemented by a, “Comprehensive benefits package.” Any chauffeur driver lucky enough to land the position won’t be enjoying quite as many trips abroad as the queen but, “33 days holiday (inclusive of Bank Holidays)” is well above the minimum requirement.

Chauffeur Drivers Without Experience Need Not Apply

The Royal House will also contribute 15% towards their chosen chauffeur driver’s pension pot and will support their, “Continuous professional development.” Presumably this will include some evasive chauffeur driver training. Currently the only requisite on that front is a, “Full UK driving license, preferably with no endorsements) and professional driving experience.” With the high value vehicles that the successful chauffeur driver will be charged with driving I’d want at least a few years no claims bonus before handing over the keys. Any chauffeur driver considering applying can expect for some very vigorous security background checks to be run by the spooks at MI5.
The job post in our opinion is well written but slightly underplays the fact that it is a, “Live-in role” with accommodation provided presumably in one of The Royal Household’s Kensington residencies. We estimate that with rental prices sky high in the Knightsbridge area it equates to at least a £15,000 salary supplement. However we doubt you’ll be able to bring friends back for late night parties.
The Royal Household Chauffeur Vacancy has been advertised on private hire job boards and on their own website. We’re confident that they will have plenty of chauffeur drivers applying.
For any chauffeur driver brave enough to put themselves forward the deadline for applications is March 8th 2015. Good luck if you do send in your CV. I’m not sure that either my directional or parallel parking skills are up to the required standards. Especially not if they were to be under the gaze of the world’s media at a high profile Royal engagement.
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