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ChargePoint offers discounted EV charging to LEVC TX drivers

Chargepoint, one of Europe’s leading electric vehicle charging networks, has teamed up with LEVC to offer London taxi drivers discounted EV charging.

Since Friday 20th September, cabbies can use any of the five ChargePoint Rapid Chargers, installed in the city centre, for a reduced rate of 21p per kWh, compared to the 35p per kWh for which it is normally available.

It is hoped that the partnership will encourage more drivers of the LEVC TX to switch to the more environmentally-friendly electric model by making vehicle charging even easier and more cost-effective. To take a TX battery from empty to full will cost drivers just £5 and will take no longer than thirty minutes to charge.

The Rapid Chargers are also capable of adding 200 miles of range per hour.

Mark Kerstens, Vice-President of Global Fleet Solutions at ChargePoint, said:
“Ensuring that public transport is clean, green and readily available is key to building the transport network of the future. London’s great historic character has often proven difficult for the adoption of new technologies, electric charging infrastructure included.” He added:
“By opening these ports to taxi drivers in the centre of London, we hope to show that electric vehicle adoption isn’t only necessary, but can be achieved without complicated and expensive alterations to the capital’s streets.”

Rapid Chargers are located in Q-park garages based in the Tower Bridge, Knightsbridge and Chinatown areas of central London. You can take advantage of this offer via the ChargePoint app (available on IOs and Android devices). After you have downloaded the app, just sign up and use this link:

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