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Lack of public charging points preventing the Electric Revolution in the UK

Lack of public charging points preventing the Electric Revolution in the UK

Posted by Pamela Eve on April 19, 2018.

The lack of publicly-funded charging points is holding back the UK’s move towards electric vehicles (EVs). As the UK strives for its low emissions goals, the infrastructure of charge points needs to match the demand for EVs.

With electric vehicles becoming more and more popular, as the 2017 registration figures show, it’s vital that more publicly-funded charge points are created. As the Times reported last month, nearly 47,000 electric plug-in cars were registered in 2017, however only 173 publicly-funded charging stations became available (according to research by HSBC).

Nearly 3,000 new charging points were installed last year, putting the UK in third place, but still quite far behind France and Germany, who installed 11,987 and 7,937 charge points respectively in 2017, according the the OSV Car Index.

Our infographic highlights the research findings of the gaps between charge points and electric cars.




The Times – Lack of chargers delays switch to electric cars
AOL – ‘Urgent attention’ needed to increase electric vehicle charging points

RAC Foundation



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