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Race Reports – Insurance client at Brands Hatch

Bob Bullen has arranged his car mechanics insurance cover via Plan Insurance for over 8 years. During that time we’ve enjoyed hearing about his amateur motor racing career. He is a skilled driver with over 25 years of track experience. And he regularly places at the upper end of Brand Hatch’s Historic Racing league table. Through dedication and consistency he is now considered a Brands Hatch expert.
Bob not only has to have excellent driving skills and an in depth race knowledge, he also needs an understanding of his race series and class requirements. That’s because he is the chief designer, car mechanic and engineer of his beloved weapon of choice. For the last 20 years that has been ‘The Yellow Peril’, a 1964 Ford Anglia. You can see “The Yellow Peril” in hair raising action via the YouTube clip below:

“The Yellow Peril” as seen on an episode of Channel 4’s “The Undatables”

Car Mechanics Insurance with Plan

Outside of racing, Bob is the owner of Bullen Automotive Engineers. Bullen has managed his own car garage since 1982. Located in Woldingham, Surrey, the garage specialises in mechanical repair and servicing of all makes of vehicles. His car mechanics insurance also covers him for occasionally undertaking more challenging and complex mechanical work. Don’t worry, he’s well aware that any track racing is excluded from cover on a car mechanics insurance policy.
“I love my chosen profession, I enjoy helping my customers and the challenges presented to me on a daily basis. I’m thankful for the early opportunities that came my way. That led to my career in the motor trade industry all those years ago,” Bullen said.
Growing up Bob worked full time in a fish and chip shop whilst helping a friend at every opportunity in a local car repair business. His destiny within the motor trade slowly emerged when an apprenticeship in a Croydon based franchised main dealership was offered to him.
“It gave me a really solid grounding and further fuelled a desire to be a car mechanic with my own business,” he said. “The business has expanded and required me to move premises twice. Throughout that time I’ve enjoyed dealing with Plan for my car mechanics insurance. I know my staff, garage and all my tools are properly covered. It’s great that they’ve taken an interest in my racing. I look forward to their support over the course of the season.”

Bob has always a fan of motor sport and fast cars but it wasn’t until 7 years after the start of his business that he had the opportunity to enter the race scene.
Nearly thirty years later he has countless tales of his experiences from the track. Bob is preparing for yet another competitive season with renewed enthusiasm. He has an unrelenting desire to be the best in class; both on the track and in his car mechanics business.
The winter months provide much needed recovery time for research. Any mechanical developments will need to be implemented. A rigorous diet and fitness regime will need adhering to. We will be following closely Bob’s preparations leading up to the start of the 2015 Historic Racing League season. In the mean we wish him the best of luck and look forward reporting on his progress throughout the race season.