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Car dealers: three website must haves

To ensure you fully maximise your online presence there are some absolute necessities that need to be in place on your website. We talk to award winning web designers Spidersnet to get their top 3 features for car dealer websites.

Online marketing is vital to dealers, and in today’s competitive climate, it has never been more important to ensure your online presence is as good as it can be.
Lets take a look at three essentials for generating results:
car dealers - website must haves mobile responsive


Mobile Friendly

More people than ever are browsing the web on mobile devices, so it’s crucial that your website is able to function perfectly on a smartphone or tablet. In this day and age, there are very few things as important as responsive design.
Responsive design essentially means that your website will adapt and morph to fit into whatever screen it’s being viewed on.
Spidersnet recently analysed all of their automotive dealer websites – of which they power just under 400 – and they discovered that around 60% of users on these sites were using mobile and tablet devices. 
That is an awful lot of people who are now relying on your website being fully functional on any device.
If someone does land on your website whilst on their mobile device and your site isn’t mobile-friendly, then they will no doubt leave with a poor first impression of your business. This may even lead to them never coming back.
Make sure that you make a perfect first impression and ensure that your website is fully responsive.
And it’s more than just good for mobile – a responsive website is also great for boosting ranking on search engines. Dealerships with mobile-friendly websites are at an advantage when it comes to ranking high up for specific search terms, over their mobile-unfriendly competitors as companies such as Google look upon these in a more favourable manner.

car dealers - website must haves finance quotations


Finance Quotations

Although the vast majority of used car buyers require finance for their purchase, many don’t take dealer finance. Instead they often prefer the convenience of arranging finance before entering the dealership.
By offering finance quotations online you’ll be able to compete in a rapidly changing digital marketplace and capture finance business early in the buying cycle.
By adding finance quote modules, validated HP, PCP and LP quotations will appear within used vehicle adverts on your site. Customers will be able to search your stock by monthly payment and can change the deposit, term and annual mileage to configure their preferred finance deal before beginning the sales process with you.
If they prefer they can apply directly online with applications being relayed on to you. The service includes animated videos to further promote chosen finance products and ensure the features and benefits are outlined in a clear and concise manner.
Spidersnet have forged strong partnerships with a number automotive finance brokers, whilst ensuring that their websites are fully finance optimised if a dealer wishes to have such functionality.
car dealers - website must haves automated feed


Automated Stock Feeds

Automated stock feeds aren’t necessarily useful for customers browsing your website, but they do make your life much easier and can help ensure  that your site contains your current stock list.
If you advertise your stock on third party websites, such as AutoTrader, Ebay, etc, then an automated stock feed will post your cars to these sites for you, saving you plenty of time and effort.
We understand that plenty of car dealers have arrangements with third party sites. If you are currently uploading all of your stock to all of these different sites separately, one car at a time, then these automatic stock feeds will revolutionise the way you advertise your cars online.
So there you have it. Only three points, yet three absolutely essential features that you should be thinking about to ensure that your website is working hard, for your motor trade business.


If you would like to discuss these points in further detail and discover what Spidersnet can do for you, then please visit
“As well as creating stunning websites for motor dealers, we have also established a giant wealth of knowledge when it comes to digital marketing.
Founded back in 1997, right on the cusp of the internet revolution, Spidersnet exists to provide the automotive industry with award winning and innovative websites.  Striving to be a one-stop-shop for all your online requirements, web design is what we are all about and we’ve won awards!
Our team of web developers, designers, account managers and our dedicated customer care and admin staff all work together to assist our customers along the way. Be that from the initial planning stages to adding the finishing touches, we love creating websites for dealers and have developed an industry leading platform to help all of our customers boost their business!”
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