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The Benefits of Fleet Management and Tracking Systems

Many employers in the transportation industry already benefit considerably from the increased and ongoing awareness of their fleet’s operation that tracking systems provide. Though some firms remain unaware or unconvinced by the emergence of this tech. This article outlines the numerous ways that fleet management systems can enable businesses to maximise productivity and efficiency whilst adhering to safeguards and government laws.

Perhaps put off by the investment required (all that is diminishing rapidly) or the “big brother” element of trackers and cameras a number of companies are yet to make the switch. In exchange for the privacy intrusion there are a number of clear benefits, such as:

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Tracking… Organizations can use GPS and telematics technologies to keep track of their vehicles’ whereabouts, including whether they’re in use, parked, or idle. This can provide an output uplift.

Logging… Employers can precisely log the hours and distance of cars and drivers using a fleet management system that includes telematics technology. This can assist employers in complying with Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs’ standards for driver safety.

Planning… With the help of a fleet management system, employers can optimise drivers’ routes, help them avoid unexpected obstacles and maximise utilisation.

Organizations can simply use fleet management systems to keep track of their vehicles. Many employers will want to keep track of their vehicles’ and drivers’ exact whereabouts and operations by using fleet management. In addition to validating a vehicle’s location or route, fleet management systems can also be used to track the health and well-being of staff.

The following are some of the less obvious ways that a fleet management system can help motor based businesses:

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The Benefits of Fleet Management

The many advantages to transportation companies of employing a fleet management system, include:

Lower fuel costs… Driver behaviour that wastes fuel, like speeding, idling, or aggressive driving methods, can be tracked by fleet management. Employers can address driving issues by monitoring these actions. Furthermore, more efficient route design can assist reduce the amount of fuel consumed during visits.

Improved record keeping… Employers are obligated by law to keep driving records for a period of 28 days. This information can be reliably tracked by fleet management systems. Furthermore, this procedure can be carried out electronically. As a result, businesses may avoid dealing with misplaced paperwork or excessive clutter.

Better customer service… Organizations can deliver better and faster service to clients by using GPS tracking. If a consumer requests assistance, GPS monitoring can assist an organisation in locating the nearest vehicle so that it can arrive at the destination as soon as its feasible. Customers can also be kept informed about any issues or delays on a regular basis.

Safer driving… Drivers may be more likely to choose the best route and avoid risky behaviour if their vehicles are tracked. Drivers’ hours and distance can also be tracked by fleet management systems to ensure that they are taking adequate breaks and not overworking themselves.

Faster response times… Fleet management can assist in the faster resolution of a crime, accident, or breakdown involving an organization’s vehicle(s). A vehicle that has been stolen or involved in an accident can be tracked using GPS technology. Being able to provide emergency responders with a location as soon as possible after a catastrophic collision on the road can be important.

Maintenance tracking… Fleet management can keep track of vehicle condition and any required maintenance. These technologies can help determine how long a vehicle will last and when it should be replaced.

Reduced insurance costs… Many insurance companies give discounts to businesses that employ fleet management software. Because of GPS tracking and employers’ capacity to give reliable vehicle usage data, better training insights to avoid preventable accidents by observing driver behavioural trends, they are also more likely to be recovered if stolen. A fleet management system’s data may also be useful to lower costs associated with accidents or other legal claims by improving response times to avoid escalating costs caused by late notification of a potential loss. There is also the option to pay per mile driven basis rather than a standard annual premium.

In Conclusion

Vehicles are extremely valuable assets for transportation companies. They are both a big financial investment and an important part of day-to-day operations. Whether an employer is responsible for loaning vehicles, providing larger vehicle transportation, or transporting commodities, a fleet management system may be a vital investment.

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