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As the cost of Diesel continues to rise

Hauliers can at least save on their Haulage Insurance.

Those involved in the haulage industry have been hit by the escalating cost of diesel harder than any.

Coupled with the reduced demand for their haulage services following the economic down turn it’s been a tough time for the haulage industry.

Sophie Reeve,  Insurance expert at Plan Insurance explains how she may be able to ease some of the pressure on Haulage Fleet managers by reducing the cost of their Insurance.

Diesel prices dipped just after Christmas to 109.3p but prices have been on the rise ever since. With the return to 17.5% VAT on January 1st diesel prices again hit £5.10 a gallon and have continued to increase.

Sophie explains that,

At Plan Insurance we have an extensive panel of insurers with keen rates for haulage insurance as they have a large amount of spare capacity to take on new haulage business following the down turn in demand.

There is currently increased competition among haulage underwriters as there are fewer managers of haulage fleets looking for insurance. As always occurs as a result of increased competition the premiums that we are able to offer our customers have reduced.

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