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Protect yourself and your passengers from harmful pollutants with AirBubbl

Air pollution is a global concern, with dangerously high levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and particulate matter (PM2.5) found in cities, and vehicles being a major contributor. When you are stuck in traffic, the air that you breathe inside the vehicle can be up to two and a half times the levels of harmful gases found outside.

These pollutants can be severely detrimental to your health, causing fatigue and affecting concentration as well as more serious long term effects like heart disease, reduced lung function, asthma attacks and an increased risk of lung cancer.

Modern vehicles come equipped with sophisticated information systems and safety devices but can be lacking when it comes to protecting passengers from air pollutants. Standard car filters are not able to protect against gas pollutants. A test conducted by international test laboratory Emissions Analytics on 11 types of cars showed that, in many vehicles, only 35-40% of pollutants are removed.

How can you protect yourself and your passengers from harmful pollutants inside your vehicle?

AirBubbl, from clean air technology company Airlabs, could help: this revolutionary in-car air cleaning system removes up to 95% of these dangerous pollutants.

The AirBubbl can be easily and securely fitted to almost any vehicle. When activated, the AirBubbl draws in the polluted air from the cabin into the unit and, using a high-grade particle filter together with their patented carbon nano filter and airflow technology, it removes both harmful pollutants and gases in minutes, leaving the occupants to breath safer, cleaner air.

Studies have shown that reducing air pollution inside your vehicles could result in 5% fewer accidents and 3.2% fewer sick days, as well as improving occupants’ comfort and wellbeing.

Most of our customers spend a lot of time in or around vehicles, so we have decided to team up with AirBubbl to offer 10% off the RRP. Just quote the following code: AirBubblTPG.

For more information on AirBubbl, visit, email or call +44 (0) 20 7290 4897.

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