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6 tips for producing marketing videos

Video content, when done well, can be an incredibly powerful tool for promoting your business.

In a short space of time you can communicate your company’s key selling points whilst presenting a professional, corporate image.

Ideally if you’re looking for a high end finish and are planning to use your video in a significant marketing campaign we’d recommend utilizing the services of the experts at Minifridge Media a video production company. Doing so can prevent your company from potentially appearing amateur as well as saving you valuable time that can be spent on running your business.

Here are some top tips for outsourcing your video production:

>>  Shop around

Costs can vary greatly depending on the quality of the kit used and the filming experience of those making and editing the video. It’s worth speaking to a few companies to assess the value they’re offering.

Check their show reel and make sure you’ve viewed a number of their previous videos before commissioning their content. Let them know exactly what you liked and didn’t like about their previous efforts. If you didn’t like anything then you better contact another company.

>>  Don’t’ film for the sake of it

Before you make a video you need to decide why someone is going to want to watch it? What is the key message you want to get across and can you do so before losing the viewer’s interest?

>>  Think about click bait first

Before you start filming think about how are you going to publicise your video? If you’re planning to promote it via a social media campaign it takes a lot to get people’s attention away from non-commercial content . Can you come up with a good hook to use in the headline of your Facebook post or Tweet to steal their focus away from “Samurai cats” and the like?
According to the pros at Frame By Frame video production Singapore, you can and should shape the video’s content around this compelling title. If its simply going to be housed on the “About us” page on your website the browser is already interested in using your services and probably just wants more information, so there’s less need to be as sensational. With the right keywords to grab attention and relevant, quality content you can turn your auto pilot SEO skills on and reap the rewards of your efforts.

>>  Edit multiple versions

It might be worth asking the production team to edit 2 or 3 versions of the video each of various lengths or with different messaging. This will enable you to use them for various purposes. For example if you are presenting in person for a potential large contract you’d expect your captive audience to concentrate for at least a minute or two. However an online browser might click away within 20 seconds of the video beginning.

>>  Add subtitles

If you do plan on using your video on social media it’s well worth the extra effort and cost of having subtitles placed on your content. Many people use social media with the sound off and the subtitles will enable them to take on-board your key messaging.

>>  Review performance

If you post the video on Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin and on your own website you should monitor how it performs. For example Facebook can tell you the average viewing time that audience watch it for. This will help you determine whether your desired message is being communicated successfully.

Grant Georgiades is Marketing Director of Plan Insurance Brokers and a former Assistant Producer at the BBC. He has used a number of short films as part of Plan’s marketing.

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