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Top 5 marketing tips for a motor trade startup

Ok, so you know your way around a car, you’re a top client at auto fluid change Chandler and local carwash service, but do you know the best way to promote a motor trade startup business and drive clients to your door?
There’s no need to permanently hang up your greasy overalls or swap your tool box for an in-box but it’ll be worth taking just five minutes out of your busy day to read our business tips and advice. After all, to ensure the continued success of your motor trade startup it’s very important that you take as much time to work on your marketing and sales plan as you have your head under a bonnet.
Most of our motor trade startup business clients provide a local based service whether it be; mobile mechanics or smart dent repair, windscreen replacement, servicing or used vehicle sales either trading from premises or home.
Therefore it is crucial for your business to become an important part of the local business community in order to generate a steady stream of local word of mouth sales for your company and to establish a firm footing on which to base growth.
A large proportion of professional road based businesses are just like any other independent retailers and service providers – small businesses. It is therefore imperative that you take the necessary measures and implement innovative tactics that will help you become an integral part of the local business community. Here are five tips that should assist your efforts to do just that.

5 Marketing Tips for a motor trade startup

It’s really important to make the time to promote your business name when you run a motor trade startup, and even if its only a couple of other local businesses see the message you’re trying to communicate and learn about your products and services, then you will have succeeded in growing your business network. There are various trade groups that host business breakfasts and networking meals for you to attend.

Join a reputable motor trade body

It looks great for your company if you’re part of an established, reputable business trade body. In order to be authorised to service the needs of our motor trade insurance business  clients we have to be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Although the motor trade does not have a compulsory governmental regulator you could subscribe to one or more motor trade bodies which ensure certain good practices are adhered to.
Customers will see that you are affiliated and will have confidence that you work to a high standard and have achieved certain quality goals. Corporate clients in particular like to have the assurances that they are dealing with a reputable business.
Trade bodies can assist with marketing and business planning as well as aiding you to incorporate additional services in to your offering. Many exist throughout the motor trade industry so it’s worth looking into joining one relevant to your business.

Learn from others

If you have a desire to learn, look on the internet and you will often find free seminars you can attend or join in online with. It shouldn’t be the case that the thought of creating a business plan to present to fund managers causes high levels of stress as the likes of the Government’s Growth Accelerator initiative, the Business Growth Hub, the chambers of commerce and other organisations are there to assist and relieve the pressure of feeling alone.
Many garage businesses are owned by mechanics who desire an increase in the turnover of their business but feel out of their comfort zone when it comes to planning and financial modelling.
However if you don’t move out of the comfort zone its unlikely you’ll achieve different results to those you’re already experiencing. Talking to other successful small businesses is a great way to obtain relevant nuggets of useful advice.

Utilise social media

Social media is important as it allows us to not only promote the services that we offer, and to keep our brand out there in the forefront of our target audiences minds even if they’re not looking for services at that precise moment in time.
It’s a super tool to engage with customers, post positive reviews your company, make customers aware that you’re there to assist and to deal with any enquiries or problems they may have.
Customers of all ages and backgrounds use the internet in the modern day and age, so why not make the most of it to benefit your small business?

Be creative and innovative

Successful businesses thrive and progress thanks to creative and innovative thinking. The motor trade is such a competitive industry that if you don’t stand out the chances you are just going to be overshadowed and merge into the crowd but it is avoidable.
Spend some time identifying the unique selling point of your business and make sure that you actively promote this feature. All businesses have something different to offer their clientele – it’s highly important to let them know what that point is.
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