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5 Winter Essentials for our Chauffeur Insurance Clients

5 Winter must haves for our Chauffeur Insurance Clients

At Plan Insurance we know winter days can feel never ending for our Chauffeur Insurance clients. So we have put together a list of 5 items that will help get you through the dark cold days that involve waiting around and long hours.

A pair of leather gloves

It may be cold waiting around but its important to maintain a warm friendly front when meeting with clients. Nobody likes to be greeted with an ice cold hand shake so a must for any Chauffeur this winter is a warm pair of gloves and Barbour have it covered with these thinsulate leather gloves.

They feature hidden knitted rib cuffs which are great for holding the warm air in whilst the leather gives enough grip for safe driving.

Available from Barbour for £49.95.

Barbour Gloves

Hot Drinks Flask

Cold days call for hot drinks, especially when doing long car journeys and this travel mug from Contigo is perfect for our chauffeur insurance clients.

Its insulated stainless steel outing will keep your drink hot for hours and the autoseal technology is 100% spill proof- perfect for turning corners!

Available from John Lewis for £29.99.

Contigo Travel Mug

A Warm Scarf

Everyone needs a good quality scarf for winter but this one is perfect for Chauffeur drivers.

Its incredibly soft wool material will keep you warm on the coldest of nights and its plain, understated reversible colours (navy and grey) are perfect for mix and matching with your suits. So you’ll remain both warm and smart.

Available from Harrods for £55.


The Smell of Christmas

After a long day of christmas shopping your clients will love this rich and nostalgic scent of Christmas in your vehicle.

Yankee candle have just realise their new festive scent of Christmas cookies and they smell delicious.

Currently available from Yankee at £3.99 for a pack of 3.

Yankee Candle Cookies

Heated Ice Scraper

Don’t waste your precious time scraping the hard ice of your windscreen when this heated ice scraper could quickly and easily do it for you.

With its built in heating element this gadget will make your morning stress free even on freezing, snowy days.

Available from Maplin for only £9.99.

Maplin Heated Ice Scraper