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10 Autumn Home Maintenance Tips

Autumn heralds cooler weather, and the favourable temperatures allow you to do critical home maintenance easily before winter arrives. You may avoid common seasonal issues by taking the time to manage your property.

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Clean Gutters and Drainpipes

Remove leaves and debris from gutters and drainpipes to avoid floods, water damage, and mould growth.

Check Your Roof for Signs of Damage

Examine your roof carefully for evidence of leaks or dislodged roof tiles. Autumn is an excellent time to employ a professional roof inspector.

Check Your Boiler

Check that your heating system is in good operating order. Consider scheduling a boiler service before the cold weather begins.

Test Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

All smoke and carbon monoxide detectors should be tested. It is preferable to replace batteries once a year. The conclusion of daylight saving time in October is an excellent reminder.

Prep Your Lawn

Rake leaves, fertilise, and aerate (spike) your lawn to be ready for spring.

Drain Fuel From Garden Equipment

Before winter approaches, empty the fuel from your garden tools. If petrol is left in equipment, it can destroy rubber parts.

Check windows

Examine the windows for worn window seals. Draught-proof windows as needed; self-adhesive draught tape is one cost-effective technique of doing so.

Clean Windows and Doors

Clean the windows and any sliding door tracks to ensure that they run smoothly all year.

Store Hoses

Remove the hoses from the outdoor faucets. Drain them and store them indoors, coiled and flat.

Stock Up on Wood

If you have a wood or log burner, stock up on wood in the fall to prepare for colder winter.

The old saying goes, fix the roof whilst the sun shines. Well, it’s not just the roof that needs maintenance. Hopefully, the above checklist might have helped jog the memory regarding some additional worthwhile preventative measures.

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