My Licence Protection: Income Protection & Loss of Licence Cover

Have you ever considered what would happen to you if you lost your ability to drive through either illness, injury or penalty points? If so, meet My Licence Protection, a protection policy that covers taxi drivers in the event of their licence being lost.

The policy offers cover, not only for loss of a driving licence due to the racking up of penalty points or a court order, but in the event where a driving licence is lost for a health-related reasons.

What are the benefits of using My Licence Protection?

With cover costing as little as 50p per day, clients can benefit from:

  • Income Protection - Protection for up to 65% of occupational income (dependent upon the level of cover chosen, up to a maximum occupational income of £100,000).
  • Legal Costs - Covered up to £500.
  • Alternative Transport Costs - Covered up to £10,000 a year, subject to a maximum of £1,000 in any calendar month.
  • Accidental Death Accidental death benefit of £10,000.
  • Annual Policy - 12 months cover which may be renewed,
  • Easy to Apply, online application an immediate decision

Benefit from their wealth of experience and gain protection from as little as 50p per day.

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My Licence Protection is covered by the Financial Service Compensation Scheme (FSCS) and underwritten by Hiscox, an award-winning specialist insurer.