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MID Update

Submit Your Motor Insurance Database Updates Quickly & Easily

As a motor trader all vehicles insured by your motor trade insurance policy and all trade plates registered to you or your company should be added to the MID, including

  • All permanent vehicles (i.e. vehicles registered to, owned by, or leased to you) and any vehicle in use that is to be regularly covered by the policy
  • Taxed stock vehicles (if held for more than 14 days)
  • Vehicles for which only contingency insurance is held if they are kept more than 14 days

Your MID record does not need to be updated with untaxed stock vehicles (i.e. driven on trade plates), although if it is easier simply to notify every vehicle, this is fine, in fact this is MIIC’s (Motor Insurer’s Information Centre) preferred approach.

When a licensed vehicle leaves your stock, remove it from the MID.

Please be aware failure to comply with the Motor Insurer’s Bureau legislation on the Motor Insurance Database could result in a £5,000 fine. Not to mention the fact that the new owner of the vehicle could be acquiring parking fines and/or committing driving offences whilst using the vehicle and the authorities will pursue you for either their settlement or to issue a conviction.

Please also be aware that although you have 14 days to update the MID once you have taken possession of the vehicle, the police may still impound any vehicle that does not appear on the MID. For your own protection we recommend carrying your insurance certificate or a valid covernote with you at all times when driving a vehicle that has not yet been placed on your MID record.

For the ease of our existing clients we have provided the MID Update submission form at the bottom of this page.

MID Update Form

Please note that this MID update service is only for motor traders who are current clients of Plan Insurance Brokers with current motor trade policies that are administered by Plan Insurance Brokers. If you are not a client of Plan you should contact either your broker, insurer or visit the MIB’s Motor Insurance Database website.

MID Update Online Submission Form

For use by clients of Plan Insurance Brokers only

Please select your insurer. You will then either be redirected to the appropriate site, or a form will appear below for you to submit your vehicle details for the MID. Once you have supplied your update information to Plan Insurance Brokers it may take 24 to 48 hours for the MID to process your update.

Please Select Your Insurer:

If you wish to add / remove another entry, please select from the options below
Vehicle or Trade Plate:

Update List:

PLEASE NOTE: You should receive an email, sent to the email address supplied in the form below from Plan Insurance Brokers. This email will confirm the details that you provided in the MID update submission form. Please check that you receive this email and that the MID update information contained within it is accurate. Should any of the information you complete be inaccurate Plan Insurance Brokers cannot be held liable for the failure of your MID record being updated or your record being updated with incorrect information. We recommend safely storing MID update confirmation emails from Plan Insurance Brokers in order to keep a record of your MID updates.

Updates should be carried out by the policy holder or their approved representative. Your policy number is required in order for your MID update to be processed. Your policy number is sensitive information and should be treated as such.

Vehicles submitted to the MID via this form are still subject to the underwriting acceptance criteria of your individual motor trade insurance policy. Submitting a vehicle to the MID via this form will not guarantee that the vehicle will be covered by your motor trade insurance policy. You should check your policy documents for the details of the types of vehicles that your motor trade policy will cover. If you are still unsure as to whether your policy will provide cover for the vehicle you wish to submit to the MID please do not hesitate to contact-us our office.

ATTENTION: This MID update service is only for motor traders who are current clients of Plan Insurance Brokers with current motor trade policies that are administered by Plan Insurance Brokers.
If you are having difficulty using the MID submission form please contact Plan Insurance Brokers.

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