Making your claim less of a pain

It can be a stressful time when you need to make a claim on your motor insurance. Firstly there is the time required to report the claim. Then you may need to source a replacement vehicle. On top of it all you realise you have to pay a hefty policy excess before you can pick your vehicle up from the repair garage.
This amount can be a very nasty shock and one you hadn’t budgeted for. It is at this exact moment when you will be glad you opted to purchase excess protection insurance when you arranged your cover.

Prices depend on the size of your policy excess but generally for under £80 you can protect up to a £500 excess – or make 2 claims under a policy with a £250 (this means you’re allowed to make two individual claims where the excess amount is £250 on each occasion if you’ve protected yourself up to £500.)
You will still need to pay the excess to the garage. However once paid you can immediately submit your claim for reimbursement and in a short space of time you will receive payment for the full amount of the excess you have paid.

Plan recommend Excess Protection

Excess Protection won’t completely take away the stress of having an accident but it can go a long way to ending the experience on a much happier note. Plan Insurance Brokers recommend Excess Protection Insurance to all our commercial motor insurance clients.

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