Competition and Promotional Offers – Terms & Conditions


T&Cs applying to all Promotional Offers
(These do not apply to Competition T&Cs – please see individual Competition T&Cs below)

1. Only one promotional offer or discount code can be applied to a single commercial motor policy purchase at a time and unless explicitly stated promotional offers are for clients that are new to Plan Insurance Brokers.
2. On promotions offering free supplementary “add-on” products such as breakdown cover, guaranteed vehicle hire, excess protection etc. the promotional offer must be included in conjunction with the purchase of a commercial motor insurance policy, at the time of purchase. This fact will have been stated in the wording of the advertisement.
3. No cash equivalent will be offered in exchange for a “Refer a Friend” discount or any other promotional offers.
4. Discounts can only be applied when the cost of the policy being purchased exceeds £500.
5. If a free fuel voucher offer is claimed this voucher may be in the form of a supermarket gift card. This voucher will be eligible for use at the supermarket chain’s petrol stations. Plan will not restrict you to spend the voucher on fuel purchases. The voucher can be exchanged in store as per the store’s terms and conditions.


Promotional Offer – Refer a Friend T&Cs

  1. All Plan clients can participate in the Refer a Friend campaign and become Referrers to friends and family who are not already Plan customers (“Friends”).
  2. In order for Refer a Friend credits to be added to the Referrer’s client record, Friends must provide the following details:
  • The clients name

In addition to this, one of the following details:

  • Address/Post code
  • Customer Reference Number
  1. A Referrer will never be required to share confidential information in order for the credit to be correctly allocated.
  2. Due to data protection laws, we cannot share any information with a Refer a Friend Referrer regarding Friends that they believe they are due credit for. However, we can confirm the amount of credit that has been accrued on a Referrer’s account.
  3. There is no limit to the number of Refer a Friend referral credits a Referrer may acquire. However, the amount of credit that can be applied cannot exceed the value of the Referrer’s renewal premium,
  4. Remaining credit after the renewal of a Referrer’s policy cannot be carried over to the new policy period.
  5. If you choose not to renew your policy with Plan, your “Refer a Friend” credit will expire with immediate effect.
Qualifying Purchases

The “Refer a Friend” offer can only be applied when the policy being purchased is a new policy and exceeds £500.

A “Refer a Friend discount cannot be applied to an existing policy mid-term.