Urban Transport Insurance

Urban Transport Insurance Solutions

Urban transport solutions are playing an increasingly important role in reducing congestion in built up areas. Plan Insurance Brokers are passionate about sustainability and helping to reduce emissions in our towns and cities.

Insurance should not be a blocker to progress. We work with innovative urban transport providers and help facilitate their chosen business models.

We can develop new insurance solutions for your urban transport scheme if required. Our specialist risk management services will also help keep your business on the move.

You will benefit from:

  • Expert knowledge and advice from a market leader in urban transport insurance solutions
  • Competitive premiums from leading insurers
  • Risk management services with health and safety analysis, risk and method assessments, business continuity planning etc
  • Award winning customer service

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  • Firms of all sizes
  • New technologies
  • New ventures
  • Cycle hire schemes
  • Escooter hire schemes
  • Car clubs
  • Last mile delivery
  • Drones


Below we have compiled some commonly asked questions that explain the key features of Urban Transport Insurance Solutions, and to help ensure that you and your business have the right cover.

If you have any more questions or would like a quote call our expert team, request a call back or fill in a quote form.

What vehicles are eligible for Urban Transport Insurance?

Plan can arrange Urban Transport Insurance for firms using many modes of transport. That may include push bikes, cargo bikes, electric bikes and scooters as well as car and van hire clubs.

Why do you need specialist knowledge to arrange Urban Transport Insurance?

Plan have built up extensive knowledge of urban transport insurance solutions. This stems from the fact we are one of the largest taxi and private hire brokers as well as a leading cycle insurance provider under the brand Yellow Jersey Insurance. This unique combination of diverse expertise and contacts has resulted in Plan acquiring extensive knowledge of urban transport insurance for all vehicle types. We are a go to provider for urban transport insurance solutions.

Firms requiring urban transport insurance cover for motor vehicles generally need what is referred to in the insurance industry as a self drive hire policy. However due to the use of non-standard vehicle types and innovative business models by urban transport companies, it can be challenging for brokers that do not specialise in this area to obtain competitive insurance premiums.

In recent years the desire to reduce emissions has often seen electric car and vans selected as preferred vehicle types for car clubs. Other brokers may find EVs tricky to insure due to their non-standard nature. However, Plan have extensive knowledge and markets for EVs.


Client Risk Management Services

Having the right risk management in place with correct up to date document templates, checklists and guides can help you minimise liabilities that can have a substantial impact on your companies’ profits.

Plan offer your business personalised health and safety documents, risk assessments, method statements and much more. These additional documents are supplied to you at no extra cost when you take out a policy with Plan.

Our risk management services can include business continuity templates (that will need updating annually) which you can use as guidance and to track your business operations. With this, you will also receive regular notifications regarding legislation changes that are relevant to your business.

Follow the link to see our specialist risk management services.

What insurance will an Urban Transport Company require?

It’s important to ensure that your company has appropriate protection. If your urban transport business intends to provide customers with the use of motor vehicles, then there is a legal obligation to take out motor insurance. This will normally be in the form of a self drive hire policy for companies in the urban transport industry.

Urban transport firms will have significant public liability exposure and proof of cover up to a certain level will often be required by any council where your hire scheme vehicles are to be offered.

Your urban transport company will also need by law employers’ liability if you have staff. As well as covering themselves against potential liabilities urban transport firms should also consider insuring their physical assets. For example terms can be offered for the protection of hire bikes against theft and/or damage. However policy excesses, which may make the option commercially unattractive, are likely to be required by the insurer.

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