Subsidence Insurance

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If you own a property that you either reside in, rent out or use as a business premises then you should make sure your property is covered against subsidence. Cover will protect you against the costs of repairs or damages that came from a subsidence claim. Common signs of subsidence are, cracks in the ceilings, walls and outside brickwork. If any existing cracks start to expand this is a further indication that subsidence may be occurring. There are a few ways to help minimise your risk of subsidence. They include, inspecting your property regularly to check for leaks and blocks in guttering and pipework, removing trees that are planted close to your house or trying to regularly maintain them.

A surveyor will be required to assess whether movement is occurring over a period of time. If your property is confirmed as having suffered damage from subsidence and you have suitable cover in place, you will be able to claim on your insurance policy for the cost of repairs up to the sum insured.

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