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Running a Freight Forwarder operation is undoubtedly an involved process. Whether you’re a smaller operator or you manage a large team we have the right plan for your Freight Forwarders Insurance.

We offer crafted cover from leading providers and negotiate competitive premiums.  Our specialist risk management services will also help keep your business running smoothly.

You will benefit from:

  • Free risk management services with health and safety documents, risk and method assessments, business continuity templates and more at no extra cost to your company
  • Competitive premiums from leading insurers
  • Expert advice based on over 30 years’ experience
  • Award winning customer service

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  • Freight forwarders
  • Freight forwarders of all sizes
  • New freight forwarder ventures
  • Adverse claims


Below we have compiled some commonly asked questions that explain the key features of Freight Forwarders Insurance, from essential elements of insurance to optional add-ons, to ensure that you and your business have the right cover.

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What is Freight Forwarders Insurance?

Freight Forwarders insurance is a policy type designed to meet the needs of firms that oversee the import, export and onward delivery of customer goods. These policies take into account the risks faced by these companies.

Client Risk Management Services

Having the right risk management in place with correct up to date document templates, checklists and guides can help you minimise liabilities that can have a substantial impact on your comany’s profits.

Plan offer your business personalised health and safety documents, risk assessments, method statements and much more. These additional documents are supplied to you at no extra cost when you take out a policy with Plan.

Our risk management services can include business continuity templates (that will need updating annually) which you can use as guidance and to track your business operations. With this, you will also receive regular notifications regarding legislation changes that are relevant to your business.

Follow the link to see our specialist fleet risk management tools.

Who requires Freight Forwarders Insurance?

If you are paid to handle the import, export and arrange onward delivery of your customer’s goods then it’s highly important that your company has appropriate protection.

What is the risk of not taking out Freight Forwarders Insurance?

Without suitable Freight Forwarders Insurance your company could be significantly exposed to a number of liabilities. Should an incident occur in connection to your Freight Forwarders business you may not receive reimbursement for your own and your customers’ losses.

If Freight Forwarding company employs staff then employee’s liability will be a legal requirement for your operation.

Is Freight Forwarders Insurance expensive?

The cost of Freight Forwarders insurance will vary depending on several factors. Premiums calculations are based on the company’s prior experience, post code, cover levels in terms of value etc. You will want to assess the quality of Freight Forwarders Insurance being offered. The lowest premium isn’t always the best value. For example, a higher policy excess may apply along with certain exclusions and/or the insurer in question may have a poor claims and customer service rating.

Plan Insurance Brokers have extensive experience of Freight Forwarders Insurance and trading relationships with numerous leading Freight Forwarder Insurers. As result we will compare Freight Forwarders Insurance from multiple suppliers and provide informed guidance for your company.

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