Engineering Inspection Insurance

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If your machinery breaks down due to electrical or mechanical problems, then our policy will pay for the repairs or replacement of your machine. Making sure your machinery is adequately covered is vital for your business, this will protect you from any risks of breakdown.

With Plan, you will benefit from:

  • Competitive premiums from leading insurers
  • Cover tailored to your exact requirements
  • Award winning customer service and specialist advice

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What is engineering inspection insurance?
What are the causes of frequent failure of common machinery parts?

There can be a few reasons why machinery would fail in your work place. This includes:

  • Machinery being handled incorrectly causing damage and failure
  • Lack of maintenance to machinery causing occurring breakdown
  • Metal fatigue, this can occur when you cut wires without the use of tools causing the metal to become brittle and snap
  • Bearing failure, this is caused by the loss of bearing lubricant

To prevent you machinery from failing it is important to keep parts well lubricated, maintained and parts regularly replaced.

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