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Who Needs Commercial Vehicle Insurance?

Any business that uses vehicles during the course of their day-to-day activities will need commercial vehicle insurance. Even if you are a sole trader using your own car as a courier, a standard domestic motor insurance cover will be insufficient and probably illegal. If you are a larger organisation with a fleet of sales saloons or haulage vehicles, there will often be benefits in taking out a well thought out Fleet or Mini Fleet Insurance policy.

  • Complete flexibility – any of your drivers could drive any of your vehicles as appropriate or required.
  • Less bureaucracy – one policy covering all of your vehicles means less paperwork and only a single renewal date to remember.
  • Cost effective. Often, insuring a number of vehicles on a single policy can work out cheaper than having a range of policies.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance brokers, such as Plan Insurance Brokers, can offer advice on the likely covers that you will need to consider and, using our extensive knowledge of, and close working relationship with the insurance provider market, help to find you an appropriate policy.

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What type of Commercial Vehicle Insurance do I need?

Businesses typically recognise that their motor insurance costs are significant and escalating. But working with Plan Insurance Brokers, you will at least have the peace of mind that comes from knowing:

  • Your business is adequately covered for the range of risks that your business may face
  • You can avoid paying unnecessarily for ‘blanket’ cover options that you don’t need, but that can often be found in the wordings of ‘off the shelf’ packages.

If you drive a vehicle as part of your job then by law you need a Professional Drivers Insurance Policy. There are many ‘off the shelf’ policies, but you need to be clear on the cover you are buying. There are many different jobs that require you to drive, each one possibly needing a different type of insurance with differing levels of cover. If you are a florist or local tradesman driving a Transit van, a straightforward Van Insurance Policy will conceivably suffice. But even then you’ll need to think about the value and nature of goods held in the vehicle. The tradesman’s tools may be rather more valuable than the florists. You may also need to ensure you are covered for carrying customer owned goods rather than just your own.

The differences are small – but getting the right cover often requires expert insight. That insight – from a broker like Plan Insurance Brokers – may actually save you money on your policy because the insurers will have the peace of mind knowing your requirements have been assessed by one of our expert team.

There are other examples of where using commercial vehicle insurance brokers like Plan to check the small print will pay dividends. There are important distinctions between a Haulage Insurance Policy and a Courier Insurance Policy, for example. Because a haulier is likely to use a larger HGV and only have 1 or 2 destinations for their cargo, the risk profile is different to that of a courier who is perhaps running round a single city centre with ten’s of drop offs in a single day. It’s very easy to misunderstand requirements. That’s why we’re here; to give you the professional advice you need to get the right cover.

At Plan Insurance Brokers we will tailor a policy to suit the exact needs of your business so that you have all the cover you do need and are not paying for cover that you don’t.

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Why Compare Commercial Vehicle Insurance with Plan Insurance Brokers?

Plan Insurance Brokers are independent and have a specialism in Commercial Vehicles. With over 25 years of experience, we know to put our customers first. Our highly trained experts are available to talk to via email or over the phone from our UK based office. They will discuss your exact needs to create a bespoke Insurance cover that’s right for you.

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