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PR Release – PlanBot

Plan Insurance Sales Staff To Be Replaced By PlanBot

Modern technology has reached such an advanced level that many industries are spotting opportunities to streamline and save on costs through the use of mechanised workforces. It seems inevitable that over the coming year’s industry leaders will slowly but surely implement robotic replacements for large portions of their workforces.

We have already seen the driverless car which has been developed by Google, signalling that the end is nigh for bus and taxi drivers in Britain and the world over.  Add to this the increasing advancement of robotics in the medical industry, allowing for more and more surgical procedures to be handled by technology and we even have highly qualified surgeons looking over their shoulders.

We at Plan Insurance have always strived to be at the forefront of our industry, which is why we have invested millions into the development of an extremely high tech robotic sales agent. A prototype which we have aptly named ‘PlanBot’ has already been developed, constructed and tested and it has already shown us the sort of results we were hoping for.

In an official statement our Managing Director Ryan Georgiades had this to say, “The directors of Plan Insurance have always sought to modernise, streamline and add value on behalf of their clients. Remaining at the cutting edge of technology will be vital to ensuring that Plan maintains exceptional levels of client satisfaction in a highly competitive market. Much like our current workforce PlanBot will be educated to understand that broking is not merely about selecting the lowest available premium but by determining the quality of cover on offer.”

‘PlanBot’ will undergo further testing but it is obvious even at such an early stage that it is able to complete each of the tasks that our sales staff currently do in a more efficient and less expensive way. The ‘PlanBot’ is able to work all day without pay, breaks, refreshments and food and will never be late or turn down overtime resulting in a perfect employee for Plan Insurance.

There have been no real issues other than ‘PlanBot’ tries to be too efficient by taking as many as 15 calls at a time, whilst he also has a tendency to jump at the cleaning lady at night when she tries to clean under his desk.

Once ‘PlanBot’ has been tweaked and had each of those small issues ironed out, we at Plan Insurance are confident that our planned rollout of ‘PlanBots’ is on target for early 2018. We will of course keep everybody updated as to the progress as we go along, however, we do advise that our sales staff to start thinking about other career options in the future (not taxi driving).

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