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This quick quote form is designed for motor traders operating from commercial business premises.

For an online motor trade combined insurance quote simply enter your requirements and we’ll contact you with a quote indication from our panel of leading motor trade combined insurers.

Follow this link if you’d like to learn more regarding the motor trade combined insurance policies we offer.


Please correct the following:

    Tick your motor trade business activities and enter the % that each one makes up of your business turnover:
    Number of permanent employees that need to drive for motor trade use:
    Do you require an Any Driver policy to cover occasional employees aged over 25 to driver for motor trade use?
    What percentage of your vehicles are kept:
    Number of employees (clerical and manual workers):
    Total wageroll (£) for Partners, Directors and all employees:

    Your quote indication will be based on the following assumptions:

    • No SD&P use under the age of 25
    • No driver has been banned from driving in the last 5 years
    • Cover for driving of commercial vehicles over 7.5 tonnes is not required
    • Your trade premises is of standard construction with adaquate security and your business is the sole occupant
    • No more than 20% of your trading activity involves sports or high performance, American, custom, kit or vintage vehicles
    • No claims have been made in the last 5 years with a settlement sum in excess of £10k
    • Director / partner's personal vehicles are of an non high performance / prestige nature / over £40k in value
    • This quotation is based on £5 million Pubic Liability & £10 million Employers Liability