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Goods In Transit

Things happen in the course of a journey

Goods in Transit insurance is aptly named as it does just as it says. If you carry goods or materials in connection with your business -whether they are your own goods i.e. building materials, or other people’s goods i.e. parcels and packages – you should certainly consider Goods in Transit insurance as a solution to protecting these assets.

Whether the goods are been damaged or stolen whilst in in transit, a Goods in Transit insurance policy will ensure you won’t be picking up the tab to replace or repair them.


Who needs Goods In Transit cover?

Whilst some businesses will identify a business risk from transporting their own goods or materials, the majority of Goods in Transit insurance policies are purchased by Couriers or Haulage operators. These types of businesses face the greatest risk of damaging or losing their goods whilst in the course of a journey.

It stands to reason that if you spend most of your working day on the road moving other peoples goods from one place to another you would be extremely lucky to avoid a situation where these goods are damaged, lost or stolen at some point in your career.

Furthermore clients will expect you to hold this type of insurance and it can therefore play an important role in presenting the right image for your business and play a key role in your ability to win the contracts you want.

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