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Wear It Beat It 2015 – British Heart Foundation

Posted by Grant Georgiades on February 6, 2015.

Black Cab Sales Director at Plan, Tony Gutteridge reports on his day spent promoting the British Heart Foundation `Wear It Beat It’ campaign.

“I have just returned to my office at Plan Insurance after a really successful day of campaigning on behalf of The British Heart Foundation. Myself and two more members of the Plan team were accompanied by trained medical expert `Nurse Claire.’ Where we set up a Pop-Up Clinic in Doug’s Cafe at the Heathrow Taxi Rank Feeder Park. Doug’s has watered and fed London’s National Taxi driving treasures for years. It provides a warm and comfortable environment for cabbies to exchange stories, organise socials, remember old friends and consult Union representatives whilst waiting for their next fare.

As we entered the room the noise levels instantly increased. It was clear that our promotional efforts on social media and our distribution of flyers and posters had paid off. Our presence had been greatly anticipated by the London Black Cab community. A helpful Union representative directed us to a suitable corner to set out our consultation area. Within minutes we were operational. Black Cab Drivers were lured in with a free cup of tea to have their blood pressure tested. Whether it was that or the novelty of a nurses uniform being in the cafe a queue quickly formed. We were pleasantly surprised by how many cabbies were keen to hear some healthy lifestyle recommendations.


British Heart Foundation - Blood Pressure Test
A queue of London Black Cab Drivers waiting for their Blood Pressure Tests


Friendly banter was exchanged and laughter roared throughout the Cafe when one driver shouted out “Uber” to see if the patient’s blood pressure would soar. I enjoyed being told a few times by drivers that their blood pressure might be lower if they didn’t have to pay for an insurance policy every year. All the while Nurse Claire remained patient and focused on testing the drivers one by one. The driver’s age and physiques varied as did the test results and one or two GP visits were recommended. One thing that did stand out on the day was the competitive nature of Cabbies. The upcoming London Derby between Spurs and Arsenal was put aside and WHO HAD THE HIGHEST READING became a hotly contested title to be won.


British Heart Foundation - Blood Pressure Test
A London Black Cab Driver having his blood pressure tested by Nurse Claire


In all I think the drivers appreciated our efforts to raise awareness of Healthy Living. We enjoyed delivering the message of just how important it is to combat heart disease. It’s a campaign that personally means a lot to me. Even if we’ve encouraged just one driver to make some improvements it’s been worthwhile. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the owner and staff of Doug’s Cafe, the Union representatives and most of all the drivers that participated one way or another. Lastly, I can’t guarantee a Black Cab quote provided by Plan will lower a black cabbies blood pressure. However I’m confident the value, service and dedication provided by our team should help keep their stress to a minimum.”


British Heart Foundation WearitBeatit Red tops
Myself and Anna from the Black Cab Insurance Sales team in our #WearItBeatIt tops


Tony Gutteridge – Black Cab Insurance Specialist

Meet the Author Grant Georgiades

Marketing Mastermind with a love of dark chocolate, Grant is the youngest of the 3 Georgiades brothers. His industry experience is applied to writing blogs on all manner of topics….. but don’t ask him anything about engines.

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