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Enhanced Black Cab Breakdown Cover

Enhanced Black Cab Breakdown Cover

Posted by Grant Georgiades on August 16, 2016.

Plan Insurance Brokers are pleased to announce that our Free Black Cab Breakdown Cover has been upgraded.

Black Cab Breakdown Cover is included as standard with our great value Black Cab policies when they are underwritten by Tradewise Insurance Company.

From now on, should you need to claim, your black cab breakdown cover will provide cover for up to 30 miles* of onward transportation. Following feedback we have negotiated on our clients’ behalf with a new supplier to extend the distanced covered for free when delivering your vehicle from the roadside after a breakdown to either your home address or the nearest garage.


Our improved London Black Cab Breakdown Policy

Click here to view our Tradewise London Black Cab Breakdown Policy Wording PDF (pages 12-14)

Homestart as standard

This enhancement makes your black cab insurance of even better value. Especially when you consider it already includes cover for call outs to your home address if your taxi fails to start.


Cover provided by Kingsway Claims

Our Black Cab Breakdown service will also now be provided to by a new supplier, Kingsway Claims. Their aim is to ensure that the whole claim process is dealt with as efficiently as possible in order to get you back on the road with minimal delay.

To make a claim on your black cab breakdown cover please call 0800 031 4952.

For a quote on black cab insurance including new enhanced black cab breakdown cover please call 0333 003 0059.


*This is an increase from the previous range 10 miles. After 30 miles the additional cost of forwarding your vehicle will be charged at £1.15/mile.

**  Please note your black cab breakdown cover can be used for a maximum of two call outs during your annual policy period.


Hear how happy London black cab driver Tommy Crudgington was that his policy comes with free black cab breakdown cover when he found that his cab wouldn’t start one frosty morning.



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Marketing Mastermind with a love of dark chocolate, Grant is the youngest of the 3 Georgiades brothers. His industry experience is applied to writing blogs on all manner of topics….. but don’t ask him anything about engines.

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