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Speed limit reductions, “Damon, do we really want a 55 mile per hour speed limit?”

Posted by Daniel Severin on August 10, 2012.

The issue of speed limit reductions has been in the news a great deal recently. As I often travel outside London to various other cities and townships within the UK on a regular basis I’m often confronted with the motor way speed limit of 70 miles per hour.

Even with my modest 1.8L Vauxhall Astra I find this restrictive. After conducting some research I have come across news articles which have stated the limit may be rising to 80 miles per hour which of course I feel would be amazing but it seems not everyone agrees.

The world renowned ex formula one racer Damon Hill is totally opposed to this motion and believes the speed limit should actually be reduced down all the way to 55 miles per hour, Damon wants to reduce the limit by over 20%!


Being a motor trade insurance salesman at I speak to many people who are also constantly travelling nationwide to collect vehicles, to recover vehicles, valet vehicles or even to do mobile mechanical work on vehicles, every single person I’ve spoken to believe an increase in the speed limit is the only way forward.

One of our clients who took out our motor trade insurance for the purpose of nationwide vehicle recovery believes it would help his business on a massive scale even with a slight speed limit increase, the client stated

I often have to turn jobs down as I can’t get from one job to the other fast enough, I would definitely welcome an increased speed limit as it would greatly benefit my business, there are some road in European countries that are unrestricted. Why can’t we follow suit? With modern vehicles as long as you drive safely and leave sufficient distance from the car in front I can’t see the problem?


After hearing all these responses and seeing the various debates regarding speed limit reductions ensue online I do feel a lower speed limit is definitely not the way forward, some people have to travel across motorways on a daily basis as a commute and it would be unfair of them to have to drive under a lower speed limit.

Meet the Author Daniel Severin

With over a decade of commercial insurance experience and a CII qualification, Daniel will provide informed views on commercial motor and insurance industry news. He's also a bit of a tech Geek, so don't be surprised if a few gadget/app reviews appear here.

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