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GMS – chauffeur vehicles part 2

GMS – chauffeur vehicles part 2

Posted by Grant Georgiades on March 17, 2015.

The Geneva Motor 2015 ~ what chauffeur vehicles caught our eye?

So the Geneva motor show is over for another year and its time to have a look what has come from it. Firstly and probably no surprise, the buzz words seemed to be “hybrid” and “electric cars.” Every car producer seems to now have a hybrid or an electric vehicle in their vehicle line up. This includes the more prestige brands whom in the past always preferred to produce thumping V12’s.

One of the big surprises of the show was the Bentley EXP 10 Speed 6. The concept car on their stand was stunningly sleek. Not much is known about the full engine specs, but Bentley did confirm it will be a hybrid and have some form of electric motor. The petrol engine they plan to team it with is still clouded in mystery, the strongest rumour is that it will be combined with the same 4 litre twin-turbo V8 that can be found on their Continental GT.

Besides a lot of professional chauffeur driver friendly chat about hybrids, electric cars and the topic of fuel economy the show also demonstrated how cars in the future will be more “connected.” That’s in regards to the internet as well as both drivers and passengers.



More on the chauffeur drivers view point

Chauffeur vehicles appear to be becoming more connected to everything and everyone. Most luxury or prestige manufacturers will soon be offering options which will turn your chauffeur vehicles into a 4G Wifi hotspot. This should prove a huge plus point for your business passengers, who may want to catch up on emails or other online content while being chauffeured along.

In addition to most of these cars having internet access many chauffeur vehicles will soon have mobile apps to enable remote temperature setting in the vehicle, the control of media and viewing of vehicle information.

This will put power in the hands of your passengers whilst they are being chauffeur driven; giving them the freedom to listen to their own music libraries and also allows them to adjust their temperature comforts without feeling the need to disturb their chauffeur.


What about new executive chauffeur vehicles and private hire options?

Well there were no real new launches of your typical Chauffeur vehicles; i.e S Class, 7 series etc. So not much to report on here, however there were some interesting developments in the less premium vehicle market. These vehicles are maybe aimed more at the executive driver or high end taxi market.

Skoda has launched a new Skoda Superb. In the past the Superb vehicle has proved very popular with our executive and regional taxi insurance clients.

We are told by professional private hire drivers that they like the quality that VW have brought to the Skoda brand. They also like the comfort and room it provides for passengers. Many taxi drivers comment that their passengers often comment they cannot believe it is a Skoda. The new superb is set to arrive in the UK in the summer.


Executive Driver Vehicle Skoda Superb inside
Executive Driver Vehicle Skoda Superb side view


It has under gone a lot of re-modelling and private hire drivers will be pleased to hear they have improved the engine’s fuel efficiency. On top of this Skoda claim to have managed to provide even more leg room for passengers and the car now comes fully spec’d with gadgets. Skoda have introduced Mobile Apps to control media settings to help optimise passengers journey experiences.

With all this, the new Skoda looks like a very strong offering to private hire drivers who want an executive style vehicle but not a similar price tag to a BMW 5 series or the like.

So in summary for chauffeurs and professional drivers The Geneva Motor Show provided lots of vehicles all claiming to be more fuel efficient and travel more miles than before.

Although there were no outstanding innovations and new releases for the Chauffeur driver community, as it is always pleasant to hear that one of your biggest business overheads will be reduced. The standard spec of decent executive type vehicles is on the rise. So passengers journey experiences stand to improve across the board which can only be a good thing.


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