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Corporate Social Responsibility

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Plan Insurance is a family owned business with a modern outlook and traditional values. We believe in integrity and decent behavior and we strive to have honest and fair dealings with all our stakeholders – customers, partners, suppliers, peers and employees.

We design our products and services to cater for the differing needs of our customers and business partners. We provide excellent service, expert professional advice and negotiate the best prices for you and your business. Because of this, Plan Insurance customers are loyal and come back to us year after year to renew their policies with complete confidence in our independent guidance, fairness and professionalism.
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We aim to employ the best people. Plan Insurance’s staff are crucial to everything the company seeks to achieve. To help ensure exceptional levels of staff retention and client satisfaction, we make sure that our people are highly trained and motivated.

We recruit on merit, regardless of race, gender, religion, marital status, sexuality, disability or age.

Their talent and dedication are what make our business successful. We offer a supportive environment and operate with the highest levels of professional integrity, in which they can enjoy their work and reach their full potential. That involves recognising that employees have lives outside  of work, and giving them opportunities to work flexibly where possible.

Our values guide the way we do business. This ‘spirit’ determines the behaviour we expect from all employees and our success as a business depends on it.
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We believe that the benefits of being a good corporate citizen go far beyond the bottom line. To that end, Plan Insurance is dedicated to being a responsible contributing member of society.

Charitable giving and volunteerism are part of our culture, and our directors and employees are making a real difference in the local community and beyond.

In the local community, Plan Insurance Group supports the Rotary Club of Purley and are a main sponsor of the Purley Festival.

Director Scott Georgiades is a member and former Chairman of the Caterham Round Table. Director Peter Georgiades is a member and former President of the Caterham Rotary Club. Director Grant Georgiades is the Chair of the Friends of Herne Hill Velodrome which is instrumental in raising funds to secure the long term future of the last remaining venue from the 1948 London Olympics.

Our staff also pursue charitable initiatives. Most recently the company entered a number of relay teams in the Thorpe Park Triathlon and their fund raising on behalf of Merlin’s Magic Wand was match funded by Plan Insurance.
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We believe all businesses should act with respect and consideration for the environment and aim to build a strong, sustainable business. A key part of that is to ensure our impact on the environment is as small as possible. We take steps to minimise our impact on the environment through reduction of waste and energy consumption. We encourage all our employees to consider the effect of their actions on natural resources.
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Web accessibility standards

Plan Insurance is committed to ensuring our online service is accessible to everyone. Providing an accessible website has a positive effect on general usability and we believe that websites that are accessible and usable benefit everyone.

We will continue to review, test and modify our website and any future releases of the site, for web accessibility issues and aim to ensure that this is an on-going commitment. We are aiming to design this site to conform to web accessibility guidelines. We try to ensure that:

  • All images in our sites contain appropriate alternate text
  • Pages and images on this website are optimised to load quickly and smoothly
  • All foreground and background colours are checked to ensure sufficient contrast, or given alternative text in the case of images
  • Our content is written clearly, concisely, free of jargon and in plain English
  • All pages use headings
  • All ‘calls to action’ highlighted with icons and/or different colour font or underlined
  • Symbols (e.g. >) are used in context and for their semantic use
  • Consistent navigation and page layouts are used
  • All forms are navigable using a keyboard
  • We have submit buttons on all forms

If you have a question about web accessibility please email us at
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