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Plan Insurance Brokers are a commercial Motor Insurance specialist for professional road users. We can provide insurance for anyone involved with the sale or repair of motor vehicles as a business.

Motor Traders businesses’ can vary greatly in terms of scale and trade activity. For example you might:

● Own or manage a car dealership.
● Be a specialist in commercial vehicle sales.
● Run an auction house that deals with a range of vehicles.
● Manage a repair shop.

A properly considered Motor Trade Insurance policy recognises key aspects of your business that should be protected by the Motor Traders Insurance policy that you take out. For example, where vehicles are kept overnight, the specialist diagnostic equipment you keep on your premises and whether you are running the business part time from your home rather than from a commercial building.

At Plan Insurance Brokers, we can guide you through the process of finding the right Motor Traders Insurance policy at a competitive price and help keep your business motoring.

What type of Motor Trade Insurance will I need?

The specifics of the Motor Trade Insurance policy you require will vary depending on nature of your business.

If you buy and sell motor vehicles you should consider:

Car Traders Insurance. This typically provides adequate cover for you if you are simply buying cars and selling them on for profit. The cover can be further tailored to reflect the circumstances of the business. Whether you are trading from an outdoor forecourt or a bespoke showroom, for example, will affect the level of risk you face from fire, theft or damage.

Part Time Motor Trade Insurance. If you’re not full time in the business or work from home, the likelihood is that the risk profile will be different in the eyes of the insurer. For example, It’s likely that you carry stock of lower value. Part Time Motor Trade Insurance is designed to ensure that you pay for the cover you need, but no more.

Traders Insurance can also provide insurance protection for those who repair or maintain vehicles professionally:

Mechanics that work from home or repair cars by the road side. Whether a sole trader or a nationwide business with a fleet of roadside assistance vehicles, it’s likely that you have a van or another commercial vehicle that you use to carry equipment in order to repair vehicles ‘on the move’ and this needs protecting adequately. Additionally, if your tools were lost or stolen from your vehicle, it’s likely that your business would be at risk, at least in the short term. Therefore you may wish to take out a Tools in Transit policy.

● If you have one or more premises, whether owned or let, Garage Insurance can be a cost effective way of insuring your stock and tools as well as providing the general liability insurance covers that you’re likely to need all under a single policy.

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Beyond these considerations, there are a number of underlying covers that a motor traders insurance policy is likely to include. These may be:

● Motor Traders Public Liability Insurance. It’s likely that members of the public – your customers – will visit your premises. Whether they’re wandering round the forecourt or sitting in the waiting area while you change a tyre, you could face a claim if something were to go wrong.

● Motor Traders Employers Liability Insurance. If you have one or more employees, even on a casual or part time basis, you will be required by law to have Employers Liability cover. For example, it might be you employ part time mechanics when you are particularly busy.

● Product Liability Insurance. You are very likely to need Product Liability Insurance if you supply parts to be fitted to a vehicle as part of a repair service. If the part was to fail and cause an accident at a later date, you could face claims as the supplier of the faulty part, even where you didn’t actually manufacture it yourself. For example, if you were to import a part especially for a particular vehicle from abroad.

● Professional Indemnity Insurance. You’re again likely to need Professional Indemnity (PI) cover if you are working on vehicles and making repairs or modifications.

Why Compare Motor Trade Insurance with Plan Insurance Brokers?

We are a commercial motor insurance specialist for professional road users. At Plan Insurance Brokers our customers are our first priority. We take the time to get to know our customers businesses fully so that we can understand all the risks that they may face. We can tailor a policy to suit your needs so that you have all the cover you require without paying for cover that you don’t.

Our highly trained team will keep you informed every step of the way from taking out the policy, renewing it and even managing your claim should anything happen. You can speak with our advisors on the phone, or via email and someone will get back to you shortly.

For expertly sourced motor trade insurance from leading insurers at highly competitive premiums call Plan Insurance Brokers now on 0800 541 2741. Plan Insurance Brokers – Keeping your business motoring.

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